Lonelec Motorbike Adaptors -Simply Better!

We supply to major manufacturers

Our OBD2 Adaptors are made to the highest specification in a ISO9001 factory. Each one is injection moulded for durability and then fully tested for continuity.

Quality connectors

We only use premium grade connectors ensuring a quality fit and a very long life cycle of plugging/unplugging. Our 16 pin OBD female connectors use a premium sprung connection as opposed to a standard friction fit. This provides a superior contact and durability.

Injection moulded for durability

As opposed to cheap handmade adaptors with some heatshrink manually placed over them, all our adaptors are injection moulded for durability and strain relief.

over 20 years experience in diagnostic cables and interfaces

We have come a long way. Nothing beats experience. In that time we’ve seen the quality customers expect.

Our mission has always been to provide the best product possible BUT not at the highest price. All our products are competitively priced. 

need a cable or interface manufactured – contact us!

If you require cables in bulk or to a custom specification please contact us. We will let you know if it’s viable and the expected cost.

If you’re an end user looking for a particular cable or interface which you think would also be popular with other consumers, again, drop us a line and we will take a look.