Reading Fault Codes & Data on a Royal Enfield Interceptor or Continental GT?

reading fault codes & diagnostics with royal enfield

Royal Enfield motorbikes have used various diagnostic systems over the range and years. Now something is available for the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT.


Connecting to Royal Enfield bikes diagnostic systems isn’t the easiest since they have numerous protocols and wiring.

Many late models use a 6 pin diagnostic plug to connect to but the wiring on these can also differ. Do not plug leads in without checking first. Check the back of the diagnostic socket. If in doubt, contact us.

Royal Enfield Diagnostic Socket
Check the wiring colour and configuration on the back of the diagnostic socket to confirm. 5 of the 6 pins will be wired.

We now have a diagnostic adaptor specially configured for these Euro IV models – Interceptor 650 and Continental GT. Also any RE bike using the same.

The diagnostic adaptor is available here. Use it with our bluetooth interface here along with numerous OBD2 software available for PC and Android. Of course if you already have your own standard OBD2 scanner/interface, you can use that too.
Read live data, fault codes and also be able to reset them and the engine check light.

If you are in any doubt about which connector you need, just contact us to confirm – click here.